About Your PiC Chat Forums

What’s the difference between Groups and Forums?

At Your PiC Chat, “GROUPS” are based on discussions emanating from member posts or posted articles covering a wide variety of topics (categories). Sooner or later, posted articles are replaced by newer content.

“FORUMS” are based on communities assembled or to perform an activity. As long as people participate, the main content rarely gets updated except for scheduled events. Content posted in a forum does not appear elsewhere. Content posted in forums are not shown elsewhere or in the latest activity.

  • Click “FORUMS” in the tab bar.

Build local, regional, national, and global online groups. Groups are communities such as a sports team, a political gathering, a drama club, online gaming, a scientific society for novices or a fan club for talented artists.

Forums are excellent for question and answer sessions which do not always display current activities. Sometimes, it is a method of preventing content from being rotated so that the best material is prominently displayed although forums tend to get unwieldy if not well managed.