About Your PiC Chat Groups

Your PiC Chat is a social media platform designed for live interaction, communication, information transfer and constructive dialogue.

Three Independent Parts:


After successfully completing membership, create your first post in “Lastest Activity.”

The first post immediately goes directly to “Activity” when an update is posted.

Your golden opportunity to meet new friends has arrived.

Comment on a post. It’s that easy!

Select ‘FAVORITE’ with friends that have the most commonalities.

Join GROUPS to find more friends.

GROUPS are where your “sphere of engagement” begins. Join a group. Actively participate and engage in a constructive debate that should remain focused on the original post and other comments residing inside the post.

A post appearing in ‘Latest Activity’ or via “Groups” is dependant upon how your send it. Either way, it appears in the activity stream.

Under “GROUPS,” create your profile, manage your settings and membership on a simple dashboard.

In profiles, add a profile photo.

In profiles, add a wide cover image. Upload an image that is larger than 1200px wide, and 225px tall in .jpg or .png format, 500 KB. limit.

Under settings, you may change your password.