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Trumpsters love to have “fun in the sun”

A Trumpster is a YUUGE and WILDLY passionate advocate of President Donald J. Trump, his family, and friends. We are proud and very happy Deplorables!

Progressive Liberals suck the fun out of life. Unhappily, intolerance is a contagious vice which preys upon those afflicted with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ TDS. They continue to slide deeper and deeper into the abyss.

Old-Fashioned Flaming Liberals – Welcome!

Lord Trump is our knight in shining armor – the bright light emerging out of darkness and despair. He is our only hope.

We are the Rebel Alliance (Trumpsters) fighting against the evil Galactic Warrior Empire (Global Establishment) and their Stormtroopers (drones).

TED2019: Facebook, Twitter, and Democracy

BBC World Service Radio | Jane Wakefield reports from the Ted conference in Vancouver.

Download available for public use. Fair use and educational purposes. Help us spread the word about the global freedom movement.

Fake SMM“It is truly terrifying when you think of the speed with which totally malicious rumors and lies can be spread now without anybody’s knowledge.”

— Jane Wakefield

The Media in Western Civilization has not Advanced in its Role of Accurately and Fairly reporting the News.

They censor and filter information that sometimes carries terrible consequences. Explosions in a city that kill thousands are not reported for days, sometimes weeks. Cities and villages attacked by warlords or government militias could be prevented if the media and named, verifiable, not anonymous sources, were held responsible.

In another context, a miracle drug to cure and treat patients is not distributed in time to inform afflicted patients in other parts of the world. Today, we have the technology to fix this as long as governments don’t marginalize the Internet.

Due to misinformation, regular contributors ranging from one to millions are replacing conventional media sources. Most people in the world carry a modern cell phone with options such as camera and video capabilities. If just one person has access to the Internet and their videos are posted on a reliable social networking platform, millions can quickly obtain local news and information.

Unfortunately, YouTube restricts content and Google search engines, which owns YouTube, has not developed an efficient distribution network. In fact, they restrict conservative and other content that doesn’t meet their algorithms or rather, subjective moderators. By design, a close affinity exists between mainstream media, oligopolies, and governments – all deeply entrenched establishments.

We have the Technology to Fix Distribution Networks



A newcomer for conducting a basically unfiltered search on the Internet is DuckDuckGo.com.

Actually, it was founded in 2008 but no one knows about them. DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that protects searchers’ privacy.

Social Media Conglomerate are Distorting the Truth

It’s no longer a big deal to be a celebrity. It’s no longer a big deal to be a great newscaster on a major television network. It began with non-celebrities such as American Idol, Survivor, and The Apprentice. Social media such as YouTube or Twitch have taken over the spotlight. A broadcaster on Twitch gets as much attention as top-rated actors. Watching the little-league baseball teams are more exciting to watch than the ridiculous antics of professional football. In fact, more celebrities on top-rated shows are no longer recognizable compared to pre-Internet days.

Today, it is no secret especially among Pro-Trump supporters that social media networks reign in their fiefdoms acting as feudal warlords. They censor free speech. For example, Facebook does not permit any promotions or paid advertisements to Pro-Trump websites while eagerly promoting online gaming sites that portray extreme violence without blushing.

YouTube shuts down verifiable political content while promoting anonymous risqué videos.

People can wear rebellious communist T-shirts but half the country can’t wear MAGA attire or wave flags on the streets, especially California. They get humiliated and sometimes beaten up. Ridiculous!

Is fake news being spread through social media as part of an information war? Are political operatives publishing disinformation to smear the opposition while selfishly promoting their own agendas? Who creates fake news, how does it spread, and can it be stopped? The True Story of Fake News: How Mainstream Media Manipulates Millions

Honestly, it seems like a regression in human evolutionary development while technology is pushing us forward whether we like it or not.

Something must be done (today, not tomorrow) to confront and challenge the feudal warlords and vassals.


Miguel is involved in a wide variety of activities. He separates them into two categories: hobbies and companies. The hobbies (ROP – return on passion) and companies (ROI – return on investment) are self-funded along with your gracious support.

A team of exceptional stakeholders and consultants aligned with Miguel remain persistent in the universe to make a big-league difference.

On a tight budget, please share our websites, blog articles, and any products or services we sell.

The companies are listed in ‘Your Pic Chat’ but fully explained at Cosmic Matters.

In various stages of development, this is Miguel’s road-map for this lifetime.

The hobbies that are listed at ‘Your PiC Chat’ consist of many exciting topics. In a nutshell, ‘Your PiC Chat’ is our alternative to Twitter and Facebook. ‘Cosmic Matters TV‘ is our alternative to YouTube for submitting short amateur videos.

Cosmic Matters TV

Cosmic Matters TV

Conglomerates Spew Censorship

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have become frustrating experiences. They filter, suspend or terminate accounts. They hunt people down if links are clicked to political content. At the same time – and we have proof – search engines such as Google penalize websites that they don’t like.

We’re talking about constructive discussions and not about conversations that are inappropriate. Content must be suitable for viewing by children in all countries.

Citizen Journalism

As citizen journalists, let’s play an active role in the collection and distribution of news and information. Primary sources such as using a smartphone to report directly trumps over globs of fake news conglomerates doing their best to influence our thoughts with their two cents worth of opinion.

Citizen journalists or anyone with a smart phone publishing on Instagram have turned the celebrity spotlight upside down.

Do you see a topic that interests you? Jump in! You can read, participate, and even create your own group at ‘Your PiC Chat.’

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‘Your PiC Chat’ is a social media platform and an Internet media production outlet devoted to publishing and distributing opinions linked to reputable sources.

Anyone who posts on this social media platform is responsible for their own content.

PiC writes editorials and aggregates the news. We accept editorial content from internal and external sources.

We are not organized to operate ‘Your PiC Chat’ as a daily business. ‘Your PiC Chat’ was organized to attract like-minded people in a constructive, but action-oriented environment.

This is an amateur website. All of our projects, blogs, and websites are subject to revisions and improvements as time permits.

Our primary purpose is to disseminate the flow of information. Help us spread the word about the global freedom movement. Let’s do this together.

Your membership co-sponsors coverage of global events that popular news outlets do not adequately cover.

Our activities include news reporting, production, and sponsorship of mini-documentaries to highlight controversial political, economic and social topics that are distorted by mainstream media.

Our activities include building alliances, improving our lives and promoting healthy lifestyles.

‘Your PiC Chat’ does not directly solicit contributions nor directly contribute to any political entity. It is accomplished entirely by third parties. Discretion advised.

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