Month: July 2015

A Solar Explosion

Political instability, depleting resources, and rocketing energy costs have all negatively impacted the economy on a global scale.  The struggle with an overreliance on traditional fuels for our energy needs is becoming ever more apparent. While narcissistic politicians huddle around cups of gourmet tea and cholesterol-filled crumpets in chilly Copenhagen to chatter about global warming, the rest of the world waits in vain. Even as they are emitting globs of carbon dioxide gas into our atmosphere, they lecture us about energy conservation and the critical battle to save the planet from Armageddon. Worse yet, lamestream media and fame-seekers frown on us even as they shake and bake in style, while their unworthy sponsors slither about ready to make billions on false scientific data. Read mo...

Startup Global Warrior for Elite Entrepreneurs

Whew! Miguel took years to put together a spectacular program for Startup Global Warriors for elite entrepreneurs. In addition to extensive planning and solidifying speaking engagements with a team of successful entrepreneurs, three entrepreneurial websites are being completed. Our first series of Meetups are going to be held in 2020 – 2021. Sign-up for a membership at Startup Global Warrior to receive important updates. “Come get some!” Read more: About Startup Global Warrior

Renewable Energy is a Complementary Source of Power

Emerging renewable energy sources such as fuel cell technology, hydroelectric power, wind power, geothermal energy, and biodegradable waste are gaining traction, showing potential as complementary sources of energy alongside traditional sources of power. However, before this vision can be fully realized, the technology must be further developed, and active and passive solar technologies must be diversified. Read more: Welcome to Solarpowergetics