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MANÁ announces “Rayando El Sol Tour” 2019 U.S. tour dates

Maná is a Mexican rock group from Guadalajara, Jalisco. Several of their songs have political inspirations. They travel throughout Latin America to inspire hope in the nationalities of their fans. Mana issues a call to action for Latinos nationwide to vote and use their collective voice to effect change in their communities. Latin rock icons MANÁ have mapped out an extensive US tour, their first such outing in three years. Maná — arguably Mexico's most beloved rock group — is heading back on the road in autumn 2019 as part of a world tour launching in the U.S. The act has grand ambitions for the trek, with Maná hoping to reach "almost every place where you can find Latinos," says Fher Olvera, the raspy-voiced frontman, exclusively to The Los Angeles Times. "We want to thank our fans for be...

Talent Show

[This page is under construction.] The Show Must Go On! Think back to when you were younger – everything seemed possible. Talent shows. Competitions. Contests. You believed you could be anything you wanted. We are born to be on stage and it's never too late to get started.. If you're like me, at some point your parents encouraged you to try a new sport or a skill. Maybe it was football, acting or music. We've all been there. We trudged our way through early morning practices and late-night rehearsals to make our parents proud. We sang at the talent shows, did our dances at the assemblies and competed in our games. Read more: [Update needed, coming soon!]

The Professional Guide to Modeling

[This page is under construction.] A Comprehensive Look at Being a Fashion Model, by Roger Talley Reprinted by Permission Part 1 of 7: Introduction When most people think of “models,” they think of magazines like Vogue or W and the apparently glamorous world of fashion modeling. That’s not surprising since fashion models get the most press and look like “models.” Theirs are also the names most of us know – Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Giselle Bundchen, and more. That’s why most books on modeling deal primarily with fashion modeling. But a considerable majority of modeling work in the United States is done by commercial models, not fashion models. A very few books have been written from a model’s perspective about the commercial end of the business, and none to address what an agent would wa...