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A Long-Term Health Insurance Plan for your Well-Being

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In the United States, Obamacare, with its tax-funded subsidies, has gotten too expensive for everyone. The annual deductibles are too high. Even without including Obamacare, other health insurance plans do not provide adequate or basic dental and wellness care coverage. Many aging Baby Boomers simply cannot afford to keep paying exorbitant health insurance premiums. It would be great to have catastrophic health insurance, but how often do we use it?

The standard of health care in the United States is deteriorating. Waiting for the doctor when you arrived on time for a scheduled appointment and watching the doctor spend most of the time at the computer before finally evaluating you, are symptoms of a process gone bad. The cost of pharmaceuticals is also part of the problem.

  • Are you staying healthy?
  • Can you afford regular checkups?
  • Are you taking care of your family?

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