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Virtual Reality begins with the Birth of Video Games and Online Games

Credit to Riad Chikhani is co-founder and CEO of gaming social network Gamurs.

Two Glorious Developments in Computer Technology

There were two glorious developments in computer technology which enabled the speedier creation of video games and online games: the Internet, and home computer versatility. Each one complemented and built upon each other during the early 70s.

As home computers became handy and the speed of the Internet improved, the cost went down to gain access. Game consoles very slowly lost their appeal, and online computer games began to attract a massive worldwide audience.

Today, there are still hurdles to overcome on our quest to obtain the perfect gaming system. Lag can drive even the most placid gamer insane! But, if you are old enough…

  • Try to remember how quickly we switched from vinyl to DVDs, to Walkman, flash drives, and to cloud storage to listen to our favorite music.
  • Recall how slowly we downloaded and tried to clear space as it hogged up all the storage on a 25mg hard-drive desktop computer.
  • Recollect how many times there was a disconnection and how we repeatedly dialed-up on 28k and 64k models to ICQ and AOL accounts.

Very soon, all the chatter about obtaining the perfect system will disappear. When that happens, gamers will no doubt find something else to complain about.

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