Month: April 2019

What Does a Liberal Believe?

Jonathan Cohen | American Thinker October 12, 2006 [Editor's note: For an introduction, read "About Flaming Liberals."] Sometimes it is really hard to tell [what a liberal believes.] I thought they abhorred gay-bashing but look at Mark Foley. Fortunately, the Chicago Tribune offered us Geoffrey Stone's proposed definition of 'what it means to be a liberal' in a recent op-ed. Frankly, it strikes me as a collection of personal opinions masquerading as a set of ten principles which he labels as liberalism. While he begins by lamenting that the word 'liberal' has become a pejorative for many, his op-ed piece is a wonderful example of why this has come to pass. Read more: What Does a Liberal Believe?

California Pacific Airlines suspends all service from its hub in Southern California

Carving out a niche as a hub at satellite airport is a bad idea. After many years of planning, California Pacific Airlines did not adequately conduct enough research to effectively compete against Southwest Airlines and other major carriers serving San Diego Lindbergh Field and John Wayne Orange County airport. The California Pacific E-170 (pictured) was returned to its lessor in 2017. The airline tried to operate ERJ-145  aircraft but unfortunately was not successful. Source: Escondido Grapevine | California Pacific Airlines going nowhere fast   Read more: The Motley Fool | California's New Airline May Be Dead Already

MANÁ announces “Rayando El Sol Tour” 2019 U.S. tour dates

Maná is a Mexican rock group from Guadalajara, Jalisco. Several of their songs have political inspirations. They travel throughout Latin America to inspire hope in the nationalities of their fans. Mana issues a call to action for Latinos nationwide to vote and use their collective voice to effect change in their communities. Latin rock icons MANÁ have mapped out an extensive US tour, their first such outing in three years. Maná — arguably Mexico's most beloved rock group — is heading back on the road in autumn 2019 as part of a world tour launching in the U.S. The act has grand ambitions for the trek, with Maná hoping to reach "almost every place where you can find Latinos," says Fher Olvera, the raspy-voiced frontman, exclusively to The Los Angeles Times. "We want to thank our fans for be...